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About the Program

MRFC’s Recreational Soccer Program offers players, coaches, referees, and families an opportunity to participate in a fun and safe team soccer experience. MRFC strives to provide an enjoyable environment for children to learn and develop fundamental soccer and life skills.

We invite players, coaches, and families to enjoy their soccer experience and hope to provide opportunities for all involved to acquire love and passion for the game and lifelong memories.

Quick Facts

  • Seasons are offered in Fall (Aug – Nov) and Spring (Mar – Jun)
  • 12U plays 7v7 and games are two 30-minute halves
  • 14U+ plays 9v9 and games are two 35-minute halves
  • Coaches are volunteers
  • Practice twice per week
  • Games on Saturdays

Register for Spring 2023

Spring Season

Program Details
  • Boys & Girls Teams
  • Leagues for ages 8+
  • 6 game season
  • Weeknight practices (starts Mar 1st/2nd)
  • Weekend games (starts Mar 11th)
  • Player Fees $180
Practice & Game Locations
  • Kelley Farm Soccer Fields, Bonney Lake
  • Alternate location(s) in Bonney Lake & surrounding areas
  • Possible occasional inter-organization games
Dates & Discounts
  • Registration Opens Jan 2nd
  • Early Bird: 10% discount if registered prior to Jan 31st
  • Multi-Player: $10 per player (must register all players at same time)
  • Head Coach: 1 FREE Registration (received after background check & coach requirements fulfilled)
  • Players registering after closing date will be placed on waitlist and accepted only if/when space is available

Player training and game day jersey included in registration.

Fall Season

Registration for the Fall Recreational Season Opens July 2023!

Coach Resources

Thank you for coaching! You are doing something wonderful for your community and we greatly appreciate you.This page serves as a resource to help you provide the best opportunity possible to the children in your care.

Steps to Being a Great Coach

BE A Good Human

Care for your players. They are young and need your help. They will make mistakes and sometimes be in bad moods. Everyone has bad days. You can coach them through all of these challenges with your positive example.

Let Them Compete

Wanting to win isn’t evil. Determining the value of a person depending on whether they win or lose is. Competition in the correct mindset can be a powerful tool for personal development and growth at any age.

Laugh, Smile, Enjoy

Take your commitment to the children seriously rather than yourself.

Rec Coaching Checklist
  • Register through MRFC as a coach/staff.
  • Complete Background Check & Training


  • Please see that any parent(s) acting as assistant coaches, team managers, and all other adults who interact with the players at games and practices, register as staff & complete the appropriate requirements and background checks.
  • Communicate with your players via Playmetrics:


Rec League Rules

U9/10 Rules – Birth Year 2014/13

FIFA Rules of the Game will be applied except where, modified as follows:

  • 5 v 5 – including goalkeepers
  • Games on 7v7 field
  • Game Duration – 3 x 20 min periods, 3 min break (70 minutes)
  • Build out line / Off-side line will be used (equidistant from Penalty Area to Halfway line)
  • Goalkeepers are not allowed to punt or drop-kick the ball. They may distribute via throw, roll, or playing with ball with feet with ball on the ground. If they choose to play quickly prior to the defending team retreating behind the buildout line, there is no infraction. After the ball is put into play, the opposing team can then cross the build out line and play can resume as normal. Goal kicks require defending team’s players to retreat behind the build out line prior to the kick being taken.

Note: The ball is “in play” once it is kicked on goal kicks, or the ball has been released from the goalkeeper’s hands. If the opposition team crosses the build out line prior to ball “in-play”, the goal kick is retaken.

Off-sides will be called. The build out line will be used in determination of offsides rather than using the midfield line. Players between centerline and build out line are not to be considered as off-side.

  • Just Direct freekicks – No indirect freekicks
  • No intentional heading – Drop ball to opposite team
  • Throw ins – In case of foul throw, team gets 1 retake (Coaching Opportunity)
  • Ball is size 4
  • See generic rules including substitution Above

U11/12 Rules – Birth Year 2012/11

FIFA Rules of the Game will be applied except where modified as follows:

  • 7 v 7 – including goalkeepers
  • Games on 9v9 field
  • Game Duration – 2 x 30 min halves, 5 min break
  • No buildout lines
  • Direct and indirect free kicks will be called
  • Ball is size 4
  • Extremely limited Heading during practice (Coach technique for safety)
  • Heading will be allowed in games
  • See generic rules including substitution Above

U13 + Rules – Birth Year 2010 +

FIFA Rules of the Game will be applied except where modified as follows:

  • 9 v 9 – including goalkeepers
  • If a team does not have enough players, 9v9 will be played.
  • Game Duration – 2 x 35 min halves, 5 min break
  • Direct and indirect free kicks will be called
  • Ball is size 5
  • See generic rules including substitution Above

Generic Rules

Unlike other sports, Soccer is governed by laws of the game and not rules. This means that these rules can be subjective, and any the final decision made on a game day is down to the referee’s discretion and should be accepted by, Coaches, Players, and Families. Anyone see or heard to be in violation of our game day code of conduct may be asked to leave the sideline and watch from their vehicle.

  • Substitutions from halfway line, players subbing onto the field must hand pinnie or Cone to player coming off the field.
    • Subs at referees’ discretion
  • Goal kicks – When the attacking team plays the ball out behind the goal, the goalkeeper will restart play from the 6yrd box.
  • Throw in – When the ball goes out of play along a sideline, a throw in is awarded to the opposite team of whoever had the final touch, no matter if the touch was intentional or not. (2 feet on ground behind the line, ball must come from behind players head)
  • Corners – When Defending team plays the ball out behind their own goal, attacking team will restart play from the corner flag.
  • Freekicks – If the referee sees a foul or offence committed, they will signal for a freekick to be given if outside the box. Offending team step back 10 yrds
  • Penalties – If the referee sees a foul or offence committed inside the box, a penalty will be awarded.
  • Handball – If any player other than the goalkeeper, inside their box, uses a hand to deliberately manipulate the ball, a free kick or penalty will be awarded depending on where the offense occurred.
  • Find the updated full rules at IFAB – https://www.theifab.com
  • Game scores will be recorded by team coaches and submitted to James Long -james.long@mtrainierfc.org
  • If a game gets to 5-0, coaches have the discretion to call the official game early and play a scrimmage, mixing the teams for the players fairness and enjoyment.
Player Equipment
  • ALL PLAYERS SHALL WEAR SHINGUARDS. Socks must be worn up and over the shin guards.
  • All players shall be in uniform to play. A minimum “official” uniform is a shirt. Goalkeepers shall wear shirt/vest colors that distinguish them from field players.
  • Standard approved soccer shoes or gym shoes must be worn by all players.
  • A player shall not wear anything that may be dangerous to other players or to themselves.
  • A player may wear extra protective clothing against the cold, including gloves without dangerous, protruding or hard objects, provided that: The proper team uniform is worn outermost; and any hat should be without peak, bill or dangling or protruding object of any kind; however, the goalkeeper may wear a soft-billed hat; and Referee discretion may be used to determine if an item of protective clothing is considered to go beyond the purpose of providing a means of retaining body heat.
  • A player wearing a cast or splint may be permitted to play with doctor’s note approving and the cast or splint is completely covered by a thick layer of soft material.
  • No player shall be allowed to play with an injury or a known medical condition, which can be aggravated by playing.
  • Protective orthopedic devices, prosthetic devices and any equipment, gear, appliance or apparatus that is protective for a known medical condition may be provided that: The equipment, gear, device appliance or apparatus has been approved by a licensed physician, prosthetics, therapist or other practitioner trained or licensed to prescribe, design, select and/or fit such devices; A letter is on file with home club officials and team coach from a licensed physician, prosthetics, therapist or other practitioner trained or licensed to prescribe, design, select and/or fit such devices, stating
    • that he or she is licensed to prescribe, design, select and/or fit such devices; that the device is properly fitted; and
    • that the device is suitable for use in youth soccer competition; and the referee determines that the device conforms to Law 4 of the Laws of the Game.

Officiating for Rec League

The home team will be responsible for providing referees. In the event that a referee is not present, both coaches will mutually agree upon one. If one cannot be agreed upon, each coach will referee one-half. Assistant Referees may be used whenever possible to assist the referee.

Charging the Goalkeeper

No player shall make physical contact with the goalkeeper, harass the goalkeeper or attempt to play the ball once the goalkeeper has control of the ball in any manner and to any degree whatsoever.
Note: Also included in “having control of the ball” is the goalkeeper holding the ball on the ground with one or both hands.

  • The coach is responsible for his own behavior as well as that of his players and spectators. Discuss what you expect of parents during games. Remember this is just for fun.
  • Every player must play in each game at least 50% of the playing time unless they are not able to play due to illness or injury.
  • Coaching must be done in a civil manner and the tone of voice will be informational and encouraging, not demanding or critical.
  • The home will supply a game ball, properly inflated before the game starts.
  • The home team Head Coach is responsible for field preparation (check with your club officials).


What is Recreational Soccer?

Recreational soccer is a soccer program that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on travel or high-level competition. Recreational leagues are often the first experience of soccer for many players.

Why Play Youth Sports?

Research shows that participating in youth sports can lead to immediate and long-term benefits for youth, their families, and communities. Team sports help teach adolescents accountability, dedication, leadership, and other key life skills.


When do we play?

MRFC currently has both Spring (Mar/Apr) and Fall (Aug/Sept/Oct) Leagues. Teams train twice a week and play on Saturday mornings.

Where do we play?

Our Recreational leagues train and play out of Kelley Farms Soccer Fields in Bonney Lake.

Who are our coaches?

Many of our coaches are family volunteers. Experience from coach to coach is varied, but the club provides safeguarding and coach education to all. Coaches also have access to a diluted version of our club’s Premier player curriculum. While our coaches are not professional, they are committed and care about the players involved across the whole program.

What kit do players need?

Players will receive 1 Red training top and 1 team-colored game jersey. Players are asked to provide their own card shorts and socks. These items and more are available on the Mt. Rainier Apparel store.


James Long

Director of Recreational Soccer
Phone: 253-355-0135