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MRFC Playing Up Policy

MRFC in concurrence with our governing bodies soccer development guidelines, our club strives to ensure all players have opportunities to play soccer and consistency across age groups with all players initially scheduled to try out for their birth year age group upon tryouts/registration. Play up requests will be reviewed and applied versus the following circumstances and conditions;

Skill appropriate. 
    • The player is among the top 33% of players in the group they wish to try out for. (Top 3 players for 7v7 teams, top 4 players for 9v9 teams, and top 6 players for 11v11 teams). -This evaluation criteria would fall under our MRFC pillars of development.
    • If this representation and approval is not given, the player will be placed on the “A” team in their appropriate age group for that season. The criteria would fall under MRFC pillars of development
Formation of teams.
    • MRFC may allow players to play up in age to allow the formation of a team to ensure all players have opportunities to play soccer (ie: if we have 8 13 year olds and 8 14 year olds, we would offer 16 players and will form a 14 year old team to allow all to play, and place them in the appropriate division) pending we meet league minimum roster sizes and standards.

For play up requests, please email MRFC DOC (Doc@mtrainierfc.org) prior to the scheduled tryouts identifying the name, calendar year of birth for the player, and the age group in which the player desires to play. 

Upon consultation with MRFC DOC, technical staff, and the player’s previous coaches, the player will be granted to try out/play for an older age group or recommended for the player’s best individual development to play on age. If granted the player may play up for one season only and does not guarantee a play-up in the following seasons.