Welcome to the new home of Mt. Rainier Futbol Club!


About the Program

MRFC is committed to a holistic fun and enjoyable learning player first approach. We pride ourselves in developing excellence in the individual and team performances through a consistent and comprehensive training methodology program.

We strive to provide our players with professional level training, to offer the best possible playing environments, and to develop and nurture the skills and confidence necessary to play at the sport’s highest levels. We pride ourselves on the ability to get a player to the next level, collegiately or professionally.

Teams participate in two to three training sessions per week, league play, and tournaments throughout the year. Our teams compete in the Elite Academy (Boys), Development Player League (Girls) and the Washington Premier League (Boys & Girls). League games take place on weekends, with occasional double-headers, and may be local, statewide, regional or national, depending on the team’s division and age.

Quick Facts

  • Mt Rainier FC Premier program is for players U8-U19.
  • U9-U14 age teams play in both a fall league (September – December) and a Spring league (February – April).
  • Girls High School (15U-19U) teams play during the Summer (June-August) and Winter/Spring (November-April). They are off in fall to avoid conflicts with their respective high school fall season.
  • Boys High School (15U-19U) teams play during the Summer and Fall/Winter (June-February). They finish league play in February to avoid conflicts with their respective high school spring season

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Washington Premier League (WPL)

Mt. Rainier Futbol Club participates in the Washington Premier League (WPL) and is committed to developing competitive soccer in the Northwest and making it accessible to everyone with a passion for the game. The WPL is a state and region-wide NPL league sanctioned by US Club Soccer.

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Elite Academy League (EA)

The Elite Academy (EA) League is composed of member clubs that represent elite competition clubs in their market. EA is a national platform that gives clubs the ability to a full development model and pathway with top competition and exposure. EA competition consists of both conference and regional/national events. Conference competition typically takes place outside of the high school season, allowing players to participate. The EA consists of seven (7) conferences across the country with MRFC competing in the Northwest Pacific Conference.

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Development Player League (DPL)

The Develop Player League’s (DPL) mission is to develop the player and empower the person in a purposeful and memorable environment. The DPL competition consists of both conference and regional/national events. Conference competition typically takes place outside of the high school season, allowing players to participate. The DPL consists of nine (9) conferences across the country with MRFC competing in the Northwest Conference.

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MRFC Premier/Competitive Program Fees

Playing premier soccer is more expensive than recreational or club select programs. MRFC’s fees are broken down by player age groups and are very competitive with our neighboring clubs. MRFC offers monthly payment plans and financial aid based on need. It is a priority of MRFC to make playing competitive soccer possible for any player with desire, drive and dedication.

2023-2024 Premier Program Fees
U8-U10 (2016-2014) 7v7$1,450 $250 10$120 July-April
U11-U12 (2013-2012) 9v9$1,750 $250 10$150 July-April
U12 (2012) Pre-DPL/Pre-EA$1,750 $250 10$150 July-April
U13-U19 (2011-2005/06) DPL - Girls$2,300 $250 10$205 July-April
U13-U14 (2011-2010) EA - Boys$2,300 $250 10$205 July-April
U13-U14 (2011-2010) WPL - Boys$2,050 $250 10$180 July-April
U15 (2009) EA - Boys **$2,300 $270 7$290 July-Jan
U15 (2009) WPL - Boys **$2,050 $265 7$255 July-Jan
U13-U19 (2011-2005/06) WPL - Girls$2,050 $250 10$180 July-April
U16-U19 (2008-2005/06) EA - Boys HS$2,300 $275 9$225 March-Nov
U16-U19 (2008-2005/06) WPL - Boys HS$2,050 $250 9$200 March-Nov

*Credit card transaction fees are 2.5% + $2 per transaction. These fees are paid up front with the registration fee.

**Number of monthly payments are adjusted due to the transitional year to high school.


Uniform Kit

MRFC is an Adidas club and orders uniforms through soccer.com. Current full kits range from $325-$350 per player. This includes home/away uniforms, warm-ups and backpack.


What is included in MRFC’s annual player program fee?

Player program fees are collected to cover the following expenses: coaches fees, association, state and league fees, referee fees, field and facility rentals and maintenance, and administrative costs. Additional costs include Kit costs and Team fees. Other costs related to specific team activities are the financial responsibility of those teams and players (see Team Fees).


What type of team fees can I expect?

Team fees are unique to each team. This amount is calculated by the team manager and treasurer with the input of the coaching staff to cover the cost of team activities such as tournament entry fees, coach’s travel, group travel, team bonding activities, etc. This amount depends on the level of the team (the DPL, EA and older teams do more travel and enter more expensive tournaments/showcases so their team fees will be higher). Typically, team fees will be discussed in detail at your first team meeting along with a payment schedule.

Does MRFC offer financial aid?

Mt Rainier FC is committed to making competitive soccer accessible for all players and families. Financial Aid can be applied for during registration and is awarded on a need basis only. The initial $200 registration fee must be paid in order to be eligible for consideration. Financial Aid is awarded based on need and overall number of requests and applies towards Annual Player Program Fees only.

Where are practices held?

MRFC practice in various locations such as:

Bonney Lake

  • Kelley Farms
  • Bonney Lake High School
  • Mt. View Middle School


  • MRFC Clubhouse
  • White River High School

Lake Tapps

  • Lakeridge Middle School
  • Allan Yorke Park


  • Game Farm Park


  • Sumner High School
  • Sumner Middle School

Strategis Breaks are also scheduled throughout the year.

Does MRFC require volunteer hours?

MRFC requires families on financial aid to work 15 hours of volunteer work a year. Those families will be worked with when awarded their financial aid package.

If you’re interested in volunteering any way please email Jamie Giger at jamie.giger@mtrainierfc.org

What kind of fundraising opportunities are available?

Club Fundraisers – The Club offers a variety of fundraising opportunities a year that will help support the families in need of financial aid. The events are great ways for families to work their volunteer hours that are required when receiving financial aid.

Team Fundraisers – If opportunities arise, individuals and teams can offset costs such as an individual’s Club or Teams Fees and major costs for teams such as travel expenses or additional tournaments. Fundraising efforts have included volunteering at events at White River Amphitheater, volunteering for Game Day Concessions and Clean Up Crew and Holiday Wreath & Poinsettia Sales. Fundraising is organized through our Director of Operations. Team managers are encouraged to reach out to her directly to help plan your fundraising effort. Jamie Giger at jamie.giger@mtrainierfc.org

What is MRFC’s refund policy for competitive programs?

Our Premier/Competitive Program is a year-long commitment. When registering you are committing to pay the full amount for the full year of soccer. If you choose to leave for any reason other than stated specifically below, you will still be required to honor your payment plan unless receiving MRFC Board approval.

The MRFC Refund policy is as follows:


The only exceptions for refunds include:

  • If a team is unable to be formed a complete refund will be granted.
  • If a team folds during the season and a new home cannot be found for that player, the fees will be refunded at a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fee.

Medical Refund – If a player has a significant injury or illness and provides medical documentation from a physician that eliminates their participation.

  • If player dues were paid in full, fees will be refunded at a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fee.
  • Players on a payment program will have payments stopped or put on hold the month following the injury/sickness.

Relocation – If a family relocates mid-season outside of the Puget Sound area

  • If player dues were paid in full, fees will be refunded at a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fee.
  • If players are on a payment program they will have payments stopped the month following their departure.

Other – Refunds for any other reason may only be granted with approval from the board. You must submit a written request of your circumstances and email operations@mtrainierfc.org. The board will review and render a decision.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If payments are late by over 30 days a $50 charge will be applied to the account. If a player account is more than 60 days late a player’s card will be withheld meaning they will not be allowed to participate in game play. Every 30 days another $50 charge will be applied to the account. Once plans for payment have been made and approved the player card will be restored.

Who do I contact with specific questions about the Competitive Program?

You may contact the MRFC Clubhouse or the Director of Coaching


Marc Russell

Director of Coaching